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Larwill has proudly operated its own sanitary sewer utility for more than 25 years, a noteworthy achievement for a community of its size. The system serves all of the incorporated area of Town, as well as the Whitko Career Academy and some nearby properties.

Sewer rates and fees

Monthly residential sewer bills are $40 per dwelling.

Commercial rates are based on use and set by the town ordinance. Contact Renee, Clerk-Treasurer with any commercial rate questions.

New connections to the sewer system are charged a $1,000 fee for the sewer pipe tap.


Payments for sewer service are due the last Saturday of each month, payable by check to the Town of Larwill, or in cash at the Town Hall during business hours on Saturdays.

Notice: If you hear or see a sewer alarm going off, please call a council member and they will notify the sewer maintenance employee.

Trash and Recycling

Town residents are provided with trash pickup for a monthly fee of $9.25 per household.

Larwill does host an annual spring cleanup.

Whitley County provides bi-weekly recycling pickup for all residents.


Northeastern REMC provides electric service to all of Larwill.


Centurylink is the main telephone provider. DSL service is available, with speeds up to 30Mbps in some areas.

Mercury Broadband offers LTE-based fixed wireless internet and phone service throughout the area.


No public water is currently available, but an excellent aquifer reserve makes new private wells quite productive. Wells require permits through the Whitley County Health Department.

Natural Gas

Gas service is generally not available within town, but NIPSCO may be available for some nearby properties.

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