Hometown since 1854


Existing Businesses

Larwill is home to several long-time businesses that have found their niche in the community, and the community in them.

Existing business highlight: Ole Hitchn’ Post

Located in the center of Town, the Ole Hitchin Post is a drive-in restaurant serving cuisine that is both traditional–hamburgers, tenderloins–and unique–chili, ribs. Live music is also scheduled in the warmer months. Benefitting from a warm kitchen, they are open longer than many other drive-ins, typically from March to November, depending on the weather. 

New Businesses

Larwill has a commitment to fostering business growth. In 2019, recognizing that its long-term vitality as a community was suffering because of commercial stagnation, the Town and Whitley County adopted a new Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district to facilitate new opportunities for businesses. 

Larwill TIF areas, 2019

The TIF area includes much of the “downtown” core, in order to aid redevelopment and new infill development, as well as significant areas outside of the present corporate boundaries. Located on burgeoning US 30 that connects northeast Indiana’s major medical, technological, and emerging tech centers, the areas in the TIF are prime locations for a wide variety of new commercial and industrial developments.

In addition, Larwill was the first community in Whitley County to adopt and pass an ordinance to become Broadband Ready certified by the State of Indiana to support broadband contracts when they came in. Read more

For additional information on locating new businesses, please contact the Whitley County Economic Development Corporation


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